• Image of Truth Clothing “GOLD MEMBERSHIP” | ONLY 20 AVAILABLE

We anticipate this summer/fall/winter to be our biggest so far, and we want the true die hard “Truth Clothing” supporters to be down with us 100% ❤️

That’s why we created the Truth Clothing “GOLD MEMBERSHIP” which means members will receive every brand new design that drops for the rest of 2019, starting late June! 🔥

This includes: T shirts, tank tops, woman crop tops, posters, stickers, small accessories, and regular show tickets! & it’s only $150 for the entire 2019 season! 😳

We also have an upgraded version for $200 which includes the option of getting hoodies/crewnecks instead of t shirts + show tickets become VIP & other cool SURPRISE items! 😈

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once we have a drop, members will be emailed and asked to choose their items of choice! We will then either mail out a package or deliver them personally! Members will also receive a laminated membership card with a discount code that can be used all year, incase you want to buy an item that isn’t qualified in the membership! 👀

Items excluded include: Hoodies, crewnecks (unless you have upgraded package) + joggers, leggings, shorts, hats, jackets, backpacks, pillows, etc!

Note: Members will receive one item per design, so for example if we drop - let’s say a TRUTH CLOTHING logo made of fire, and it’s available in t shirt, tank top, hoodie, and multiple colors, YOU GET TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE OPTIONS! Can’t choose one of every style and color! 😜 On most of our drops, we drop multiple designs, so if we drop 5 new shirts, that means you will have the option to receive 5 new shirts! ITEMS CANNOT BE SENT OUT TO FRIENDS, etc!

Note: At $30 a shirt, you would need 5 t shirts to make up for the $150 fee, so believe me, this is the deal of a lifetime because we have a lot of new stuff dropping this year!