$100 “Inner Beauty Box” | Limited Supply

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$100 “Inner Beauty Box” | Limited Supply

Thanks for checking out our site! Due to a slight delay in the printing of boxes, these boxes will ship in 7 days! Worth the wait! If you want your items shipped Monday, put “NO BOX” in the notes and we’ll ship in a regular box! Thanks!

“Inner Beauty Box”
• “Cute but Psycho” Hoodie
• “Pink Rose” T Shirt
• “Beauty Is Deeper Than The Makeup on your Face” T Shirt
• “Pink Rose” Shorts
• Button Pack (4 collectible buttons)
• Sticker Pack (4 collectible stickers including a super rare holographic sticker)
• Collector’s “Inner Beauty” Box 📦

Valued at $125 (and you save $ on shipping for individual items) 💞
+ you get the box, which we can’t over emphasize: A box is just a box of course, but for our brand, having our own printed boxes is a huge step for us! Our goal is to have custom boxes (Limited of course) on every special drop, so people can collect them!

Our Button/Sticker packs are also collectibles! Each set comes professionally packaged in a little bag! ❤️

We’ve also upgraded our merch quality, and our items will come labeled with special “Inner Beauty” sewed on tags! We’re just really trying to take our marketing and presentation to the next level, while keeping our prices the same! 🙏🏼

All items in the box will be the same size, with the exception of the shorts! We have sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL available, so if you feel like you need a size smaller or a size bigger, simply include it in the notes! 👍🏼
- Everything else must be all the same size to assure that we don’t get mixed up!
Aghhh! Okay if you want the hoodie a different size, let us know! 🤣 Fine, Fine, ask for whatever sizes y’all want! Lol...

Note: No design changes can be made as orders are going to be pre-packaged!

That’s pretty much covers it...
Thanks for the support & even if you don’t decide to purchase the “Inner beauty Box” - THANK YOU for making it this far and reading! 💯💯💯💯 #truth