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After years of failed attempts, I Suppose finally releases his first published book titled, "HAPPY DAYS & LONELY NIGHTS" (Same title as his new album)

The book details all of his darkest moments, and touches sensitive subjects such as depression, suicide, death, self doubt, drug addiction, sex & so much more! Whether you're a fan of his music or not, this book is guaranteed to get you in your feelings!

"I've been wanting to write a book ever since I was in High School. Throughout the last 12 years, I struggled to find the inspiration I needed. It was too soon I guess. But timing is everything, and now it's time the world knows my pain. This is my Bible. This is my TELL IT ALL journal, where I let all my feelings go without holding anything back. I can't believe this is finally happening" - I Suppose

NOTE: The book has no official release date, but we are aiming to have it ready for the fans in July! Please be patient with us, as publishing a book is an unpredictable process! THANK YOU!

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