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Includes: Limited edition “Anger Tour” t shirt, hoodie, joggers, 3 autographed posters + 5 free VIP tickets to any show on the “2019 ANGER TOUR” + a button pack, stickers and a personalized “THANK YOU” letter from I suppose! #truth

Note: ALL ORDERS SHIP NOVEMBER WHEN ALBUM IS RELEASED (All pre-orders will be received weeks before the album is available to the general public)

Finally, after about a year of not releasing any new music, I Suppose returns with his 3rd solo album titled, “ANGER” (Artists Never Get Enough Respect) 🔥

Unlike his previous releases: “Truth” (2015) “Happy Days & Lonely Nights” (2017) which were mainly based on deep, emotional story telling songs about depression, suicide, rape, abuse, insecurities and pain...this new album takes a different approach! On this album you could expect raw, hardcore songs that talk about anger, betrayal, hatred, aggression, disloyalty, and anxiety! With raw underground beats and raw lyrics, this album is guaranteed to show you a side of I Suppose that’s rarely seen! 😈

Album is scheduled to release digitally this DECEMBER, but hard copies will drop in NOVEMBER, exclusively for fans who pre-order! So get your copy now!

All fans who pre-order the album will get a special shout out on the back page of the album cover, so you don’t want to miss out! Upon ordering, you will receive an email asking for what name you’d like in the shout outs! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! ❤️

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